Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Resin and wood

Over the years we have made many resin castings with items embedded in them, but we have started to work with LEDs in resin and combining it with wood to create great night lights etc.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Show time

Many of our students entered their work on the local show under the craft section and did very well. Well done to them for all the hours of effort

that they put into their work

Candle holders with love

A year 8 student finished her work quickly and was keen to proceed with something new. I set her the task to make these candle holders using the press drill and a coping saw. What a lovely job she did!

Wood turning

This piece of wood had a natural split that was used to make the bowl more interesting by adding colour resin to the split.

This platter was turned using red cedar.

Art in Brazing

Year nine brazing tasks
This great little piece was made using a mild steel rod and bicycle chain.  The wheels rotate on their axles. Teaching the basic brazing skills introduces students to the Oxyacetylene.

This abstract Guinea fowl was created by one of my students who was very reluctant to use the oxyacetylene, but did very well at the end.

These cats were created from 3mm mild steel rod (welding rods). It took time to compose the sections and remember where they all fitted, achieving this lovely piece of the cats playing on a log.

Angel candle holder

This lovely candle holder was made by a year 10 student as part of her soldering exercise


In year nine students create articles using brazing. This teaches them the safety rules for working with the oxyacetylene as well as the lighting up and shutting down procedures.